Godsmack (Good Times, Bad Times) CD/DVD Review

Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times…..Ten Years of Godsmack CD/DVD combo is a great listening experience for any fan of rock music. This CD is made up of 15 powerhouse top ten singles and 1 awesome remake of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut single “Good Times Bad Times”. This CD is basically a “best of” of Godsmack’s first ten years as a band and includes tracks from all 5 of their CD’s; including 2 songs from their all acoustic EP The Other Side. With Godsmack being my favorite band, I already have all of their CD’s. However, I decided to purchase this CD for a couple of reasons. The main reason I decided to pick this disc up was to support the band. I think it is important for fans to stay loyal to the bands they enjoy the most, instead of always downloading their music for free online. I also wanted this disc because it is nice to have all of their best songs on 1 CD. Of course I still listen to the other CD’s because I enjoy all of their music and not just the tracks on this CD. Another reason I purchased this CD was for the artwork in the CD booklet. Since this CD is like a collection of their best work since the band formed, in the CD booklet they have pictures and various newspaper/magazine articles from the past ten years that I have never seen before. As a fan it is great to look through these and read some of the information on the band as they grew into what they are today. The final reason I purchased this CD was because it came with a DVD of a live performance at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. I was particularly interested in this DVD because it was an all acoustic performance. It is a different way to see the band perform a lot of their songs acoustically without a full set. Godsmack puts on a great performance on the DVD and from a fans standpoint it really is an experience like no other. On the DVD they also explain why they wrote some of the songs they did and where they got the idea for those songs and the band members even take a few questions from fans at the show. I would definately recommend this CD/DVD combo to any rock fan.

Track Listing:

  1. Good Times, Bad Times
  2. Whatever
  3. Keep Away
  4. VooDoo
  5. Bad Religion
  6. Awake
  7. Greed
  8. I Stand Alone
  9. Straight Out of Line
  10. Serenity
  11. Realign
  12. Running Blind
  13. Touche
  14. Speak
  15. Shine Down
  16. The Enemy

Godsmack Is:

  • Sully Erna – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums
  • Robbie Merrill – Bass Guitar
  • Tony Rombola – Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Shannon Larkin – Drums

The Kingdom: Movie Review

Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman star in this well produced action movie about terrorism in the Middle East. After a bomb kills dozens in a Western housing compound in Saudi Arabia, FBI Special Agent Jamie Foxx puts together his own team of FBI agents (consisting of Garner, Cooper and Bateman) and negotiates a five-day trip to Saudia Arabia without the governments knowledge. Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia they find it difficult to put the pieces of the puzzle together due to the lack of control given to them by the Saudi’s. After convincing Saudi royalty of their strategy and making friends along the way, they are given necessary accss to the people and places most important to the crime. With Saudi Colonel Al-Ghazi by their side and their dedication to solving the case, their investigation leads them to the killer’s front doorstep. With their lives on the line, they fight for justice to be served.

Personal Insight: I thought this was a very good movie overall. It gave a nice insight to what is going on in the Middle East and it sort of help put things into perspective, such as the war on terrorism. This movie is also interesting because it doesn’t just show you the combat scenes like a typical war movie might. It also shows you different points of view and allows you to see how things work from the governments standpoint. It shows various laws and regulations that are taken into consideration before sending U.S. personnel to a foreign country. All of this was very interesting and added to the value of the film. Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman all played their roles very well and seemed very engaged their parts. I also must give applause to director Peter Berg for directing a great film. This film was not based on a true story yet it seemed very real and, as I can only imagine, probably depicts very well a lot of what really is happening. This film is a must see, not just for those who enjoy action movies but for everyone for its cultural and real world value.

 Rating: 8.5 out of 10