It’s that time again!

Carnival_button_2It’s Bloggy Giveaways quarterly carnival! Yay! Hop on over there for long list of great giveaways!!

So, of course we wanted to join in the fun!! For our giveaway we are going to offer a photo collage of your choice from Announcements Galore! Check out the examples of collages on their site and then leave a comment here about what occasion you would use your collage for.

The collages at Announcements Galore are great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties or any other momentous occasion! A collage can be custom designed just for you! This giveaway has a value of over $30! Only US entrants please!! Deadline is midnight EST on Sunday, April 27. We’ll post the winner on Monday the 28th!

Enjoy the carnival!



60 Responses

  1. My daughters birthday.

  2. So beautiful! I would let my sister have this for her two sons, I think!

  3. I would give my husband an “us” collage for his birthday coming up with all of my favorite candid shots of us.

  4. My son’s first birthday1

  5. I would do a collage with my two precious children.

  6. ITs moms day soon…maybe a cute one for my mom with all the kids and grandkids would be a fun gift.

  7. We’re moving soon, so I’d pick moving announcements.

  8. I’d love a keepsake collage of our pick-up trip to Guatemala when we brought home our daughter.

  9. I would love to win the black and white babies first year collage!!! I am expecting my 2nd in about 4 weeks and this would be great for our new little surprise!!!

  10. I would have one made of my my girls when they were younger.

  11. Keepsake Collage 🙂

  12. I think I’d do a wedding collage. 🙂

  13. It would have to be of my dd. I can’t get enough of her!

  14. My little boy will be 1 in June. I can’t believe it!! So I would probably do one to celebrate his first year! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  15. our adoption announcement for our new son!

  16. Would like the occasion to be my daughter’s life. We adopted her when she was a week old and now she is a little over 2.

  17. i love to do collages for my kids birthdays

  18. I think I’d get birthday collage for my daughter’s next birthday.

  19. I think I would use it as a Mother’s Day gift for my MIL. What a great giveaway – thanks, I’d love to win! Please stop by mine, too!

  20. I would make a collage of all of my mom kds and kids kids

  21. I would make a collage of my husband and I . . . his birthday is coming soon!


    Hey, don’t forget my giveaways!

  22. I would want to do a collage of my children at this age, so that I could have it when they are older and grown and gone.

    Thank you for the contest!

  23. I would love a collage of my kids.

  24. Those are beautiful and cute! I would use it for my baby son’s birth announcement!

  25. I’d want the baby’s first year photo collage for my twins first year. They just turned one on Sunday!

  26. This would be great for baby announcements this August when our newest addition arrives!

  27. My oldest will be graduating high school in June so I would love to have this announcement:

    So pretty! Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂

  28. I’d get a baby’s first year collage for my daughter.

  29. I would use it to announce my new baby girl who is joining us soon!!

  30. I need to order my graduation announcements that I already have made up but am waiting to set a date and place!

  31. Too cool. I would love to do one of my son’s 1st birthday or Easter.

  32. I’d love to give one to my sister. She’s expecting her first baby in August!

  33. My son is going to be 1 in a few short weeks. I would love a collage showing how he has grown over the year.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Next week it’s my grandparents’ 59th wedding anniversary! I’d love to use maybe one of the wedding collages for that 🙂

  35. Most definitely Christmas. I would have my two sons on a Christmas cards. Thanks for a fun giveaway prize. Please enter me in your drawing. Cindi

  36. Most definitely Christmas. I would have my two sons on a Christmas cards. Thanks for a fun giveaway prize. Please enter me in your drawing. Cindi

  37. My son’s 3rd b-day! Great site! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  38. I would get a collage of my daughter and her new little brother.

  39. The collages are my favorite from there. If I could do a photo collage of both my daughters first year together that would be cute. If not, probably a wedding one.

  40. I have twins that will be graduating. Think I would certainly do a collage for that momentous event.

  41. I love the baby’s first year in color. I would use it to display at his birthday party!

  42. Probably for Brea’s 1st birthday

  43. I would love the Baby’s First Year collage.

  44. That is easy for me to pick. My son turns one on Monday and I would LOVE to have the baby’s first year collage!

  45. My boys have birthdays coming up soon. Thanks!

  46. I like the wedding collage but also like the idea of my mom with her grandkids. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  47. Our wedding in Vegas with Elvis. It was a great and fun day.

  48. oh my! my son just turned one so i would love the baby’s first year in black and white!

    way to cute, thanks!

    my email:
    trepilynnell (at) juno (dot) com

  49. I really like the collages! I would use one to give it to my sister for her wedding! =)


  50. I would use them for birthday invitations for my dd’s party. If I was able to gift it to someone it would be to a dear friend’s daughter who will be having twins at 32 weeks (fingers crossed) in July. Great contest!

  51. I would definitely use the collage for wedding announcements 🙂 I’m getting married in.. *counts* 23 days.

  52. I would use it to celebrate my new nephew being born next month. Thanks for the contest!

  53. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a little ray of sunshine behind.

    I would love to have photo Christmas cards with my three Boxer Babes!

  54. I’d love to do this for Mothers Day for my aunt with my children, she is more like a grandma to them.

  55. I’d use them for cards for Connor’s family up north!!

    I am hosting my own bloggy carnival over at Seven Dogs right now!! Connor’s First Birthday Blog Bash is featuring over $530 in prizes. Come check it out!!

  56. I love the
    Baby’s First Year Photo Collage – Color Girl
    I would use it for my daughters first birthday

  57. I would use it for my new baby! I am due in June!

  58. I would use it to give as a gift to my niece who is due to have a baby girl in a couple of weeks.
    I’d get the black and white baby’s first year collage.

  59. Hooray great idea! I would love to do one with my two babes!!

  60. I would love to do something like this for my son!

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