Quia Web

quia-logo.gifTeachers! Are you looking for a great website to use inside your classroom? www.quia.com may be just what your looking for. This website offers educators a huge collection of educational tools that can be implemented into the classroom many ways. For free teachers have access to thousands of activities, games, quizzes, and web pages that cover an endless amount of topics. Teachers can also create Class Pages to communicate with students and track students’ progress on quizzes. From Battleship to Jeopardy, quia.com offers games and activities that make learning exciting and engaging for students of all ages. Whether you teach kindergarten or high school, quia.com has something for you. If you choose, you can purchase a subscription to the site for additional perks. For $49 a year (group discounts are available), you can create your own activities, share them with others, and modify existing activities. This is a great way to share your creativity with fellow educators everywhere.

I use quia.com most frequently for the quizzes they offer. You can easily search for quizzes based on subject and assign the quiz to all the students in your class. It’s a great way to check student learning after presenting a concept in class, or to help students review key concepts before a unit test. You can assign the quiz to the students for homework or you can have them all complete the quiz during class time. Best of all, quia.com does all the grading for you! I strongly encourage all teachers to check out this website. I’m sure there is some aspect of the site that you can benefit from.


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